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Why You Should Work With Us

Your Online Store is your business in it's Online form. It should always be treated with as much care and respect as you bricks and mortar store if you have one. If you don't have a real life store then your Online Store is even more important to you as it may be the only source of income for the business. We work with some of the biggest and best companies in Ireland, the UK and the US and we know what it takes to build the best stores that deliver the best results. 

In order to maximise your online revenue earning potential, your Online store needs to be a finely tuned machine that has plenty of appeal while also being exptremely intuitive and user friendly. 


Why not give us a call to speak with one of our experts and see how we can create a premium Shopify store for your business or improve your existing store to enable your business to achieve its true potential. 

  • Fast Loading Stores (crucial for customer conversion)

  • Brand new 2.0 Shopify themes

  • High converting, fully optimised sales funnels

  • Revenue generating upsells

  • Highly intuitve user interface and navigation

  • Custom banner design and video integration

  • Bespoke integrations, (prices are case specific)

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High Converting Online Stores
Rad Ecom Example_Online Store conversion rate DH.png

This is a screengrab from one of the online stores we created for a high profile client recently. This was just a fraction of their daily takings but the most important number you see in these images is the Online store conversion rate. This is critical to the success of your store and you always want this number to be as high as possible. Keep in mind the average online store converison rate is roughly around 2%. So for most stores, only 2-3 customers from every 100 will go all the way through the sales sunnel to purchase. This store is converting 10 customers for every 100 visitors and it means that this store is working like clockwork and appealing really strongly to their customer base. 

This is what you want to achieve in your own store. Customer conversion success has many contributing factors but if you are selling a good product or service to a passionate, engaged audience and your store is working like a dream, then this is the perfect recipe for great results when it comes to your online revenue.

For those of you looking to get great results from your marketing campaingns, we are officlial partners with Optily, whose smart platform will automatically organize and optimize your digital advertising campaigns.. If your also interested in improving your results from social media campaigns please include this info in your message to us. 

 Just some of the great features included in our Online Stores. 

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