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Facebook Ads Management

Ad Creation

There’s an art and a science to Facebook ad creation. Facebook gives you headlines, ad copy, button text, link title, link description, and ad design and type. We handle all of this for you and use different versions of each element, creating variations for each ad so that we can back winners and, through evolution, reduces your ad spend. 

Tracking Results

No Facebook advertising campaign stays profitable forever unless it is constantly monitored and managed. Audience saturation, ad blindness and offer fatigue all set in unless a campaign is rigorously tracked and tweaked.


Whereas “set and forget” campaigns decrease in efficiency as time goes on, we strip away under-performing audience segments and actually increase campaign performance over time.


Once you are at a profitable cost per acquisition, it’s time to scale up the campaign. Scaling too fast or too carelessly won’t help the metrics we’ve worked so hard to build. So just like anything else to do with Facebook Ads, the scaling itself has to be managed properly.


Women's Fitness Brand l Facebook Advertising Purchase Campaign l 2020 Q1

Having run the facebook advertising for this company for the last 12 months we have seen alot of success with the results from the advertising campaigns and strategies we have implemented. 

So what do these numbers really mean? Well, basically ROAS means return on ad spend  meaning that for every €1 spent €3.96 was gained back. This was just one ad within a full campaign. 

Get super cheap leads

SOME OF THE results WE'VE achieved

Getting a digital strategy together can be a daunting task. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you on this one. Whether it's SEO, google ads, facebook ads, instagram ads or even email marketing we have a number of experts on our team ready to step in. Not only that but we can help your creative content too. 

Here are just a snippet of some of the results we have achieved from some of our facebook advertising campaigns. 

facebook results.png

Painting & Decorating Company l F'book Advertising Messenger Campaign l 2019 Q4

We ran a facebook messenger campaign for this Dublin based painting & decorating company. It involved a short video advertisement and then directed the viewer to get in touch via fb messenger to enquire 

So what do these numbers really mean?  Well, as you can see our painter got 35 messages coming in at 94 cent each. So to get 35 people to get in touch with him and book a job it only cost him 94 cent per lead. 

Return on your adspend

Peachy Lean


Tech & Gadgets Company l F'book Advertising Purchase Campaign l 2020 Q1

We started working with this company in mid 2019. They sell wireless earphones, mainly in the USA. We created the original advertising content and designed the website. One of our more satisfying projects we managed to help this company sell over 6000 units of wireless earphones in just 4 months. 

So what do these numbers really mean? Firstly this is over a 4 week period. You can see that they sold 596 units with an average ROAS 3.32. Meaning that for every dollar they put in they got back $3.32 in return. With a decent mark up on their product it made for a very profitable campaign






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